Media Experience

Media Experience

Script for film short in preproduction at TFCN Productions
Spec script for Burnout: The mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281 (contact me for agent information)
Spec script co-authored with Travis S. Taylor (contact me for agent information)

Brief appearance on CBS Sunday Morning, "Deducing the Timeless Popularity of Sherlock Holmes", CBS (uncredited) Also found here.
Assisted construction for Rocket City Rednecks, episode "Radar-Proof Pickup," National Geographic Channel (uncredited)
Consulted for Rocket City Rednecks, episode "Rednecks on the Red Planet," National Geographic Channel (uncredited)
Television interview on prooting literacy, WHNT-19, Huntsville, AL
Interview on Columbia disaster, WHNT-19, Huntsville, AL
Interview on allergies, WHNT-19, Huntsville, AL
NASA Select flight control room coverage
Teledyne Brown Engineering training videos
Teledyne Brown Engineering promotional videos
Opryland USA television commercials

Radio, Stage, and Conventions
Interviews on WTKI, WEKI CBS Radio Network
Space Science Consultant on "Pairanormal," FATE/Shark radio on Tuesday nights, and BlogTalkRadio on Friday nights
Radio phone-in interviews promoting speaking engagement at Huntsville Planetarium
Weekly radio ministry broadcast, "Magi Ministries"
Radio phone-in interviews on "Sector 5," WTKK 630AM, Salt Lake City, Utah
Radio phone-in interview on "Chesapeake Moon," WRYR 97.5FM, Chesapeake Bay area, Maryland
Podcast interviews on "DragonTalk Radio," "The Odd Mind," "The Mortal Vampire," "The Key to Midnight," "Red River Writers," and others

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