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Did you know I edit?

Yes, that's right. The author of the award-winning Sherlock Holmes and the Mummy's Curse, Burnout,
the Cresperian Saga, the Division One series, and the Displaced Detective series as well as many genre-
bestselling popular science books, the author known for turning in some of the cleanest manuscripts
in the business, also edits for others. I am a part-time editor for Twilight Times Books and Chromosphere
Press, and I free-lance for numerous indie authors as well.

I am fast (most turnarounds under a week, barring extenuating circumstances). If working with
an established publishing house, I generally accept standard editing rates.

If free-lancing, I charge by the hour. The rate varies, based on condition of manuscript, what the author
client requires, and author client's financial considerations. Installment payments are an option for the author client.

I break my editing into four principal categories. The hourly rate increases with increasing complexity
of the edit, as follows:

Basic copy edit (spelling, grammar, punctuation);
Comprehensive edit (copy edits, content, plot holes, historicity verification, etc);
Reformatting/breaking single manuscript into multiples;
Major manuscript rework (complete restructure)/general prep & format for self-publishing.

Coming soon: ebook formatting and conversion; print layouts.

Please contact me at steph@stephanie-osborn.com to request discussion and a quote.

Books I Have Edited

I can provide a list of additional titles upon request.

Captain Justo, The Valley of Bones, by Stephen Miller

An Elfy On The Loose, by Barb Caffrey

The Flux Engine, by Dan Willis

What My Clients Have To Say:

"Stephanie Osborn is a multi-talented freelance editor who has exceeded expectations in handling
edits of books in a variety of genres and she has consistently completed editing assignments in a
timely manner."
~Lida E. Quillen, Publisher
Twilight Times Books

"Stephanie Osborn is a fast, reliable editor with an excellent track record of success. She knows
what she's doing, understands many genres of fiction -- I say Stephanie's the type of editor who
helps to put the 'science' back into science fiction. Stephanie understands writers well, because
she is one. Everyone should have an editor like Stephanie."
~Barb Caffrey, Author,
Ms. Caffrey's books that were edited by Stephanie:
An Elfy On The Loose and
A Little Elfy in Big Trouble

"I used Stephanie for my [first] self-published book, The Flux Engine, and she did an excellent job. So
much so, it was picked up by a publisher. I was very happy with the quality of her work and her
professionalism and efficiency. She completed the work quickly and gave me back good notes;
they really helped make my book better, and that is what a good editor is supposed to do."
~Dan Willis, Author,
Mr. Willis' books that were edited by Stephanie:
The Flux Engine,
Plain Sight,
Dead Letter,
and more...

More TBD.


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