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Welcome to my website! I am a retired rocket scientist turned writer who likes to mingle science fiction and mystery with a strong element of action thriller and a touch of romance. My style has been described as, "Hard-edged SF that wraps a compelling mystery around 'this is the real thing' space science...tight, tense, and gripping---Osborn tells a damn good story, and tells it well."
~ Holly Lisle, author of The Ruby Key: Moon & Sun I

My very first book, Burnout: The mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281, "is a compelling, impossible to put down, first novel in the class of Skylark of Space or 'Lifeline'...It may perhaps be the most realistic view ever published in fiction about what happens behind the scenes at NASA."
~ Jim Woosley, Ph.D. physicist and Heinlein essayist

My Displaced Detective books "are like literary crack. I fell in love with [Osborn's] characters and her world so completely that I’ve been telling all my friends ‘YOU MUST READ THESE!’ And yes, I’ve been doing so in all caps."
~ Melissa A. Bartell, Bibliotica

About the new Division One series, "This [is] Stephanie at the top of her form...a master of her craft...I was spellbound."
~Daniel Hollifield, Editor in Chief, Aphelion Magazine

If you like hard science fiction, exciting cliffhangers, mysterious situations, and determined, passionate characters, GRAB ONE OF MY BOOKS and see what I have going!

Ebook best-selling author of the popular Division One series; the award-winning Sherlock Holmes and the Mummy's Curse; best-sellers Burnout, The Y Factor, and Rock and Roll; and the critically-acclaimed Displaced Detective series, as seen on CBS Sunday Morning!

NOW AVAILABLE IN EBOOK & PRINT FORMATS! Division One book 14, The Bounty Game with A.G. Thompson!
NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT & EBOOK! EMPIRE: Section Six, book 10 in Richard Wayand's EMPIRE series, written by Stephanie Osborn!
NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND EBOOK! The anthology series Beyond the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Volumes 1-3! (I'm in volume 2!)
NOW AVAILABLE! Black Tide Rising 10: We Shall Rise anthology!

The Division One Series:

Alpha and Omega cover link A Small Medium At Large cover link A Very UnCONventional Christmas cover link Tour de Force cover link Trojan Horse cover link Texas Rangers cover link Definition & Alignment cover link Phantoms cover link Head Games cover link Break Break Houston cover link Tourist Trap cover link Mega Moth cover link Byegones cover link The Bounty Game cover link

Coming Soon:
Division One: Everywhere Signs (Division One #15)
and more!

Two new anthologies!
Black Tide Rising 10 and Beyond the Adventures!
WSR cover link WSR cover link

The Imperial Police trilogy in Richard F. Weyand's EMPIRE series!
EIP cover link E8 cover link E9 cover link
E10 cover link

Coming Soon:
Books 2 and 3 of the Section Six trilogy -- EMPIRE 11: Vengeance, and EMPIRE 12: Insurgency!

Richard F. Weyand's Childers series, book 6!
CTSI cover link

The Gentleman Aegis and Displaced Detective Series (more planned):
[NOTE: Displaced Detective Series is moving to a new publisher;
please be patient while we re-release them AND add more!
Books 1 & 2 now available in ebook formats! Coming soon in print!]

GA Mummy's Curse cover link
The Arrival cover link At Speed cover link Rendlesham Incident cover link Endings & Beginnings cover link DD Spontaneous Combustion cover link DD French Quarter cover link
Sherlock Sheilas & Seven Percent Solution cover link

The Burnout Series:

Fetish cover link Burnout cover link

Coming Soon:
Escape Velocity

The Cresperian Saga shared universe:

Y Factor cover link Cresperian Alliance cover link

Coming Soon:
Heritage (Cresperian Saga #4)

The Point Series (more planned):

Extraction Point cover link

Shorts/Novellas, Poetry and Anthologies:

Bunker cover link The More Things Change cover link Fetish cover link ElVengador cover link StarSong cover link
Stolen Moments cover link
WSR cover link WSR cover link The Good the Bad and the Merc cover link Science Fiction By Scientists cover link Dreams of Steam cover link Reconstruction cover link

Coming soon:
Manifold Osborn, a collection of my shorts in print and ebook!

Popular Science:

Alien Invasion cover link Sherlock Sheilas & Seven Percent Solution cover link Space Weather cover link American Space Plan cover link Rock and Roll cover link Kiss Your Ash Goodbye cover link INCOMING cover link

Nonfiction Writing:

How I Wrote cover link Write Like The Wind vol 1 cover link Write Like The Wind vol 2 cover link Write Like The Wind vol 3 cover link

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Music Inspired By My Books

The Displaced Detective Suite
Composer: Dan Hollifield
Also available through Amazon.
Digital download (plus bonus track) available at Bandcamp.

My husband, Darrell Osborn, creator of many of my covers, has co-created a children's book, All About
, with author Gina Crawford! Have a look! More are on the way!
All About Rhymes was the #1 New Release in Children's Poetry on Amazon!

READING/LITERACY: One of my pet causes!

Did you know I will come to your school and read from one of my books, even answer questions about writing
and my background in the space program? Contact me at for more information!

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